About the band

Grannysmith punk

There is a famous saying that states that, an apple a day will keep the doctor away. This can be rightfully applied to the lovers of Granny Smith band music most of whom will agree that back in the days, their music made the day run smoothly.  The crew mainly played punk rock which is primarily composed of hard-edged melodies and style of singing, and often political lyrics and stripped don instrumentation.

Biography and formation of the band

The band was formed in 1999 and was mainly dedicated to clear and fast melodic punk rock which had become very popular in the days. The group was made of essentially five guys; Mike Tuna who played the base guitar, Adrian majored on vocals/guitar, Richard played guitar, while Steven and Gil specialized on drums and perc respectively.  Their first hit song was their single ‘starlight’ which ended up being nominated for many awards. After their first hit song, the group showed that they wanted nothing less of success in the music industry and that is exactly what they did.  They bagged a lot of awards within a short period of time as they performed in major concerts around the world.

Break of the band

However, despite the success and the glory of the band, all was not well with the members.  There was increasing tension as different people sought to move in a different direction. Steve who was the key drummer was accused of not being committed to the group as he spends most of his time in developing his personal career while Richard planned on traveling to the UK. Finally, the group could not withstand the pressure, and they officially broke in 27th March.

Adrian who is still in love with playing music and writing songs went ahead as a solo artist and has since released various songs like “my angel.”