2007-09-22 Freestyle.ch@ ZH 2007-09-22 Hölderlin-Projekt:”Hyperion”@ BE 2007-09-29 Eleven Destinations Tour@ ZH Unser Album “Friendly Fire” ist ab sofort auch über den deutschen Musikvertrieb Cargo Records erhältlich. Nächster Konzert-Termin ist Samstag, 27.10.2007 im Totem/Sion anlässlich eines Festivals mit über 20 Bands diverser Stilrichtungen. 2007-10-07 MASTER CELEBRATOR!!! In der Mitte dieses Videos ist ein Stagediver mit blauem … “News”

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Today, there are millions of songs, albums, films, etc. on the internet and in other forms. Therefore, finding a specific album or song and their corresponding information can be very challenging for people and seems almost like “looking for a needle in a haystack” or a near to impossible task. This led to the need … “Discography”

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About the band

There is a famous saying that states that, an apple a day will keep the doctor away. This can be rightfully applied to the lovers of Granny Smith band music most of whom will agree that back in the days, their music made the day run smoothly.  The crew mainly played punk rock which is … “About the band”

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